Amit Shah says Gujarat Assembly election results indicate that Modi will be re-elected as Prime Minister in 2024

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By Chandra Kanta Dalai

Amit Shah
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Amit Shah

“This (Gujarat Assembly election) result is significant not only for Gujarat. There will be Lok Sabha elections in 2024, and the entire country is preparing to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister once more “Amit Shah made the remarks during a ceremony in Gandhinagar to launch and lay the groundwork for numerous projects.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday that the outcome of the recently ended Gujarat Assembly elections is significant not just for the state but for the whole country since it has given a message that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be re-elected in 2024. He also stated that while individuals born after the country’s independence did not have the opportunity to die for it, no one could stop them from living for it.

“This (Gujarat Assembly election) result is significant not only for Gujarat. “There will be Lok Sabha elections in 2024, and the entire country is ready to make Narendra Modi the prime minister once more,” Amit Shah said during a ceremony in Gandhinagar to inaugurate and lay the foundation stones for several projects.

“The people of Gujarat have worked to remove the poison of casteism and smacked those peddling meaningless, misleading and tempting promises. “The people of Gujarat have retaliated against those who have attempted to malign Gujarat and Narendra Modi,” he remarked.

“Including me, who was born after Independence, we did not get an opportunity to die for the nation, save those in the defence and paramilitary forces,” he remarked while inaugurating the Scout Guide Resident Bhavan of Gujarat State Bharat Scout and Guide at its training centre in Ahmedabad. Nobody can stop us from fighting for our homeland. We did not have the opportunity to die for our country since we were born after independence, but no one can stop us from living for it and making it the finest in the world. More than 33 lakh scout and guide activists should take this pledge and be proud of what we have accomplished.”

“The country’s catastrophe management is under the control of the home department,” he continued. We got a great response from the scout and guide to the endeavour of integrating scout and guide with Aapda Mitra,”. Aapda Mitra is a disaster response training initiative for community volunteers.

Amit Shah urged Indians to make India great in all fields during the next 25 years. “If as a citizen, we take one pledge that we follow our whole life, even if it is a tiny one, will make your life disciplined. So, 130 crore persons adopting a single resolution will propel the country ahead,” he explained.

He also urged students to study and comprehend the National Education Policy (NEP), which will provide them with new prospects.

He also attended the ‘Sparsh’ event, where he released the book ‘Ratna Sparsh‘ by a student of Jain saint Vijay Ratnasundersuriswar Maharaj. The event is part of the ‘Sparsh’ programme, which will take place in Ahmedabad from January 15 to January 26.

Earlier, in a veiled reference to the opposition Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Amit Shah said the people of Gujarat answered to those who sought to slander the state and Prime Minister Modi by helping the BJP retain power with a record number of seats in the state.

Amit Shah stated that there is no need to expound on the BJP government’s efforts for the development of the state since people respond to it in the election.

Amit Shah started a campaign for plastic-free villages from Moti Adraj village in the state capital, as well as inaugurated and lay the foundation stones for several projects in Gandhinagar-North Assembly seat.

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