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Kriti Sanon skincare tips,Check out her 5 morning beauty tips regimen,how she does

Kriti Sanon Your skincare programme should begin with the lightest products and progress to the thickest.

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon said, Because our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, taking care of it should be a regular part of our routine. From eating a healthy diet, being stress-free, and getting enough sleep to using the correct products for your skin type, the health of your skin is determined by a variety of variables. If you want to have healthy, radiant, and perfect skin, you should follow Kriti Sanon’s morning skincare regimen, which she shared.

“I did my homework before using anything on myself, and everything has been successful for me. Start by doing some research and trying out those items to find what works best for your skin.

Here are the specifics of her morning skincare regimen

Face mask

Give your skin everything moisturising and nourishing in the morning, Sanon said in the video. “When you leave the house throughout the day, the sun’s UV rays hit your skin, causing it to become sensitive. Hence, I would rather not use anything that may cause sun harm,” she continued.

She drinks on a cup of hot lemon water to refresh her body as her face mask feeds her skin on the outside. Once the mask has been well absorbed, wash your face and pat it dry with microfiber towels rather than wiping it off, as Kriti Sanon advised since “damp skin keeps your pores open and products are absorbed properly.”



She next applies a niacinamide-rich toner. It guards the skin from UV damage, treats acne, and regenerates healthy skin cells.

Use a vitamin C serum

The actor absolutely swears by vitamin C and makes sure to apply it to his face every morning, making care to cover his eyelids as well. She said, “It brightens, fights free radicals, increases collagen formation, and functions as a natural sunscreen.

Apply SPF moisturiser

“Be sure to use your SPF! While sun damage is tough to undo in the long term, it is crucial, she noted in the video. Kriti Sanon chose to use a hydrating SPF that also includes ceramides rather than applying an SPF and moisturiser separately. In your everyday routine, “certain peptides or ceramides are extremely excellent,” she continued.

Lip balm

The actor applied a heavy coat of lip balm and said, “I loathe dry lips.” She advised dabbing the residue on the outer corner of the eye, the crow’s feet.Kriti Sanon concluded by saying, “Your skincare routine should start with products that have the thinnest consistency and work its way up to ones with the thickest. It’s best to start with water-based products, transition to moisturisers gradually, and finish with oil-based products.


Who is taller Kriti Sanon or Deepika?

Ans:Newbie Kriti Sanon is renowned for her slim and tall body. In Heropanti, she made her acting debut alongside Tiger Shroff. One of the future’s brightest stars, she is thought to be. and Kriti Sanon, who is at 5 feet 9 inches/1.71 metres, is the same height as Deepika.

kriti sanon husband?

Ans:Although She had a strong relationship with Prabhas but Kriti sanon has no husband till now (2023)

kriti sanon net worth

Ans:She served as the face of the bridal line by designer Manish Malhotra. Sanon made an appearance on Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list in 2019 and was ranked number 38 with an estimated yearly income of 80.9 million/8 crore (US$1.0 million). In a list of the 30 most important young Indians published by GQ India in 2022, she came in at number 17.

kriti sanon age

Ans:She was born on 27 July 1990. Age 32 Years old (2023)

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