No. 1 on Announcement Hot 100 with Unholy

Kim Petras has pioneered another path for trans ladies in the music industry  

Petras let the distribution know that she trusts she's not "the last" trans craftsman to arrive at the highest point on the graph.

Petras said. "That equivalent story simply continues to rehash again and again for trans Girl..

who have been making uncommon music and have been pushed away from view while another person assumes acknowledgment from them.

Petras has received criticism for regularly working with controversial producer Dr. Luke. 

She's worked together with the celebrated songsmith on essentially every significant melody she's released since "I Don't Need It at All"

Dr. Luke did not contribute to "Unholy" 

Dr. Luke was notably sued by pop star Kesha  for..

affirmed rape and misuse, however the claim was subsequently dropped.