Pakistan has disrupted 12 infiltration attempts this year, and 18 foreign terrorists have been slain

In its year-end evaluation for 2022, the Defence Minister also noted that India has countered the neighbouring country’s deployment of drones and building of tunnels over the border.18 foreign terrorists have been slain

18 foreign terrorists have been slain

According to the Ministry of Defence, this year the Indian side has foiled 12 Pakistani infiltration attempts along the Line of Control and killed 18 foreign terrorists. The MoD also stated that the neighbouring country’s deployment of drones and development of border tunnels had been addressed.

This was revealed by the defence minister in its 2022 year-end assessment, which detailed the important highlights of three armed services and other ministries.

The MoD condemned Pakistan for maintaining proxy war infrastructure and continuing to “prosecute the proxy war” in Jammu and Kashmir. “The functionality of training camps, the presence of terrorists at launch pads, and ongoing infiltration efforts confirm Pakistan’s persistent aim,” it added. According to the government, Pakistan is continuing to use firearms and grenades to radicalise and encourage innocent youth.

“The Indian Army largely concentrated on maintaining operational preparedness in accordance with India’s objective to secure stability and domination along the Line of Actual Control, and conducted persistent counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations, and maintained high training standards while constantly monitoring and reviewing emerging and future threats to national security,” it said.

The Army is prepared for all military contingencies resulting from the collusive threat of military modernization and aggressive actions by the country’s adversaries, it said, while also developing capacities to deal with emerging threats in cyber, space, and information domains as physical borders blur.

The February 2021 DGMO Understanding refers to conversations between India’s and Pakistan’s Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMO) over the established hotline contact mechanism. During the discussions, the sides “agreed on strict adherence to all agreements, understandings, and ceasefires along the Line of Control and in all other sectors beginning at midnight on February 24/25, 2021.”

According to the year-end evaluation, the situation has been generally quiet, with both parties sticking to the DGMO Understanding. “As contrast to 4,645 ceasefire violations during its height in 2020, just three small incidents have been registered after the Understanding in February 2021 with only one incidence during 2022. “This year, Pakistan’s efforts to drive in terrorists have led in the elimination of 12 infiltration attempts along the LoC,” it stated, adding that huge quantities of weaponry and ammunition were confiscated in the process.

According to the ministry, the situation along the International Boundary (IB) in Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab has mostly remained quiet. “In 2022, opponents made extensive attempts to use drones to disrupt peace and security along border areas. To tackle this threat, the Indian Army has implemented a variety of steps. Similarly, hostile groups working from across the IB have made repeated attempts to build tunnels close to the border for the smuggling of weaponry, ammunition, and drugs, as well as the entrance of armed terrorists,” according to the study.


Q.What are terrorists quizlet?

ANS:Terrorism is defined as premeditated, politically motivated violence committed against noncombatant targets by subnational organisations or clandestine operatives, with the goal of influencing an audience.

Q.What are the goals of terrorists quizlet?

ANS:The goal of a terrorist attack is to instil fear. While death and damage are common, the primary goal is to promote fear, insecurity, and worry. Terrorists might have a variety of purposes and objectives, not simply religious ones.

Q.What is the root word for terrorism?

ANS:The name “terrorism” derives from French terrorisme, from Latin: terror, “great fear”, “dread”, connected to the Latin verb terrere, “to scare”.

Q.Has America ever lost a war?

ANS:The United States was unable to achieve any significant victory in its foreign wars. After 1945, America fought five major wars: Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as lesser conflicts in Somalia, Yemen, and Libya. Except for the Gulf War in 1991, America has lost all of its previous conflicts.

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