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Chandrayaan-3 is happily asleep on Moon now, if it wants to wake up…’: Isro chief

According to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief, S. Somanath, the Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan-3 mission is currently in a dormant state on the Moon and seems to be resting contentedly, having successfully fulfilled its intended tasks.


Somanath acknowledged that ISRO’s efforts to reestablish communication with the lander have not yielded any signals, and although they will persist in attempting to make contact, the prospects of reactivation appear unlikely. He expressed a patient approach, stating, “If the lander chooses to awaken, we shall patiently await its awakening.”

Somanath commended the Vikram lander for its exceptional performance during the lunar day, equivalent to 14 Earth days, when it was programmed to carry out its mission tasks.

The ISRO had initiated efforts to reestablish communication with both the rover Pragyan and the lander Vikram, which were placed in a dormant state after the onset of the lunar night in September, 14 days following their historic landing on August 23.

During this period, the lander and rover conducted various tasks on the lunar surface, such as detecting sulfur presence and recording temperature differentials.

Chandrayaan-3 Chief S. Somanath said

Additionally, Somanath provided an update on ISRO’s inaugural mission aimed at studying the Sun, stating that the Aditya L1 spacecraft is in excellent health and remains on course for its 110-day journey to reach Lagrange Point L1.

He described the mission as a lengthy endeavor, highlighting the importance of early trajectory corrections to ensure the spacecraft’s accurate navigation toward the L1 point. The spacecraft, Aditya L1, is anticipated to reach its destination around the middle of January.

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