Why Christmas celebration? 3 Ways to celebrate Christmas in 2022.Christmas Celebration 25 December. Know fact,origins,Tradition,History and more! - The News Vivo

Why Christmas celebration? 3 Ways to celebrate Christmas in 2022.Christmas Celebration 25 December. Know fact,origins,Tradition,History and more!

Why Christmas is celebrated?

Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be the Son of God, by Christmas Celebration 25 December

Christmas Celebration 25 December.

The Mass of Christ is where the word “Christmas” originates. Christians recall that Jesus died and later rose from the dead during a Mass ceremony (also known as Communion or Eucharist). The only service that could be held after sunset (and before sunrise the following day) was the “Christ-Mass,” so many attended it after midnight! Christ-Mass is hence abbreviated to Christmas.

Whether they are Christians or not, people now celebrate Christmas all around the world. It’s a time when friends and family join together to celebrate their blessings. People enjoy Christmas because it’s a time for giving and receiving gifts, especially youngsters!

Nobody is aware of Jesus’ actual birthdate! Why do we observe it on December 25 since the Bible doesn’t provide a day? The question of when to celebrate it was undoubtedly a contentious one among the early Christians. Jesus’ birth definitely didn’t occur in the year 1 but rather a little earlier, possibly in the year 4 BCE/BC.

Christmas was celebrated on December 25 for the first time on record in 336, under the rule of Roman Emperor Constantine (he was the first Christian Roman Emperor). But at the time, it was not a recognised Roman state celebration.

However, there are numerous customs and explanations for why Christmas is observed on December 25.

Early Christian traditions claimed that the Annunciation, or the day Mary was informed she would give birth to Jesus, was on March 25. This day is still observed as the Annunciation. The 25th of December comes nine months after the 25th of March.

Early Christians also believed that the world was created on March 25, that Jesus died on that day when he was an adult, and that the two events occurred on the same day of the year. Because it was close to the March/Vernal Equinox, the date was chosen.

According to the Jewish calendar, Jesus passed away on Nisan 14, which is also the day of the Passover holiday. The Jewish calendar follows the Gregorian calendar’s dates because it is lunar (based on the moon rather than fixed dates). Jesus was conceived on Nisan 10,

According to the teachings of Saint Ephrem the Syrian (306–373)! In order to denote these “movable” days on the Jewish calendar, March 25th was made a “fixed” date on the Gregorian calendar.

How did Christmas start?

Some scholars believe that the Jewish Festival of Lights, which is when Jesus was born, and the Christmas holiday are related. Others connect it to the Roman festival of Saturnalia, which commemorated the births of a number of Roman deities.

Christmas (or the “Mass of Christ”) was not one of the Catholic Church’s early feast days, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia online. But beginning approximately 200 AD, masses commemorating the birth of Christ spread throughout the Holy Land and eventually developed into yearly festivals. The majority of churches chose December 25 as the day of the yearly commemoration in the fourth century.

These masses began at a number of locales close and around the Holy Land. Dramatic Nativity scenes were presented during some of the early services. Hymns and songs started to appear during these important occasions as early as the fourth century. The modern crib or crèche was not invented until St. Francis of Assisi presented the nativity in 1223.

Why is Christmas on the 25th?

First, Sextus Julius Africanus, a Roman Christian historian, assigned the date of Jesus’ conception as March 25th, which, after nine months, corresponds to December 25th. The birth date was chosen as a result.

The next is that a secular community like Rome celebrated winter consolation on December 25th in the third century.

This event followed the well-known Roman festival known as the Saturnalia, during which people feasted and gave presents, and it also commemorated the beginning of longer days after the winter solstice.

By the third century, the Roman Empire had not embraced Christianity. On December 25th, we celebrated the resurrection of Sol Invictusa, the unconquerable sun.

The third is that under Constantine’s administration, Christians in Rome began celebrating Christmas on December 25th, 336 AD. Some believed that Constantine’s promotion of Christianity at Rome was a political ploy to reduce the number of pagan holidays being observed there.

The date wasn’t chosen at random. Many historians think that the Pope and the Emperor preferred this date since it fell on the same day as the ancient pagan celebrations honouring the winter solstice.

What is the main message of Christmas?

God resides in chaste hearts. God and man are bound together by love. Sinners are given divine nature by him. Christmas is that realisation; it is not a custom but a reality and a revelation. Jesus came to create his kingdom of peace and joy on earth, where conflict, instability, and division are the norm, as well as to seek out and save the sinner, heal the sick, cast out demons, and destroy their works.

The angel Gabriel initially announced the good news of Jesus birth to lowly shepherds. Jesus is the world’s light and the Good Shepherd. Fear is eliminated from man by Christmas. A true Christmas is one that is personal, filled with faith, devotion, and witness to God.

Man is restless because of his desire for lust, wealth, power, and positions on earth since these things are used by the devil, who is both man’s and God’s enemy. Giving is the spirit of Christmas, not taking. Simple shepherds in swaddling garments kneeled before the infant in the manger and worshipped their Chief Shepherd. On that calm night, no one nearby could be roused from their sleep by their yells of excitement.

The wise men from the East were guided to their king by the brilliant Star of Bethlehem for two years. Despite the fact that they appeared dumb to the outside world, they were successful in their life’s journey. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh served as symbols of their revelation of God in their gifts.

While it is possible to give without also loving, this is not possible. Many people may forget the true meaning of Christmas and God’s love for the oppressed and disadvantaged among the excitement and festivities of the short-lived celebrations. The Christmas message is that God’s plan and purpose will succeed wherever there is faith, love, light, and life.

When was Jesus born?

Jesus Christ is said to have been born sometime between December 24 and December 25, the year 0 according to mythology. Because of this, Christians everywhere celebrate Christmas on this day in remembrance of the birth of the Messiah and Son of God. But is this the actual day that Jesus was born?

Jesus’ birthdate is not mentioned in the New Testament. Even the Encyclopaedia of Theology and the Church acknowledges that Jesus’ actual birthday is a mystery.

This is not shocking considering that nobody knew what year or day it was back then. The precise date of Jesus’ birth is still a mystery. However, historians now concur that Jesus was not born on December 25th or in the year 0 at all.

But However, Jesus never recorded his life’s events in writing. The four New Testament gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—each of which presents the life of Jesus from a different angle—are the foundation for what we believe we know about him.

The birth and early years of Jesus are only described in Luke and Matthew. Many Christmas traditions still have their roots in the well-known biblical Christmas tale of the birth of the Son of God, which is based on these two passages of Scripture. This tale is reenacted in nativity scenes in church services and schools, is read aloud on Christmas, and is customarily reenacted in many families by erecting Nativity sets.

As per Bible When was Jesus born?

There is some information available on Jesus’ precise birthdate. The two biblical traditions of Luke and Matthew reveal the following:

  • In Judea’s Bethlehem, Jesus was born.
  • At the time of Jesus’ birth, Herod the Great was the ruler of Israel. But since he passed away in 4 BC rather than 0 BC, the time span from 7 to 4 BC can be regarded as Jesus’ birth year.
  • Mary and Joseph, who were engaged at the time of Jesus’ birth, were his parents.
  • Jesus was born a virgin, according to the Bible, via the power of the Holy Spirit.
Is Santa Claus Dead or Alive?

As per the Washington post-Nicholas was buried at St. Nicholas Church in Demre, Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, after passing away in 343 A.D. According to the Telegraph, traders reportedly dug up his remains in 1087 and carried them to the Italian city of Bari.

Best 3 Ways to celebrate Christmas

01-Set up and decorate a Christmas tree.

A live tree or an artificial tree are also options. Then, wrap lights around each branch of the tree starting at the bottom and working your way up. Wrap garlands, such as those made of tinsel, popcorn, or cranberries, around the tree repeatedly to decorate it.

Put your favourite ornaments, such as stars, Christmas balls, or practically any small object, on the tree. Put a tree topper, such as an angel or star, at the very top to complete the tree.
You might choose to adorn your tree with sentimental ornaments from your family or you can try something different, like using decorations with Star Trek or superhero themes, trains, or Disney characters.

Both homemade and store-bought ornaments are acceptable. Even things like candy canes can be used!
Actually, the tradition of bringing evergreens inside throughout the winter goes back before Christmas. It served as a method to infuse the home with life.

Christmas tree decorating customs date back to the 16th century in Germany. You might choose to adorn your tree with sentimental ornaments from your family or you can try something different, like using decorations with Star Trek or superhero themes, trains, or Disney characters.

02-Light up your house for the holidays.

Consider stringing lights around your trees and bushes or along the roof of your home. You can use them to create a fence or a border around your porch. Try hanging them indoors on the mantel, over bookcases, or along a wall that is close to the ceiling.
They might also be included with some artificial evergreen garland and wrapped around the handrail of your staircase.
Never run an extension cord from an outside outlet through a window; instead, always plug your lights into exterior GFCI outlets.

Use extension cords that are big enough to handle the weight of the lights. If you visit a home improvement store, you’ll find a broad variety of extension cables; some are very thin and intended just for indoor usage, while others are certified for use outside.

03-Spread mistletoe, evergreens, and poinsettias outside.

Over the years, these plants have grown to be connected with Christmas, so you can typically find them everywhere during the holiday season. Poinsettias in pots placed about your home will make an inexpensive, cheerful Christmas decoration. You could also hang an artificial evergreen wreath or use it to adorn your house.
Traditionally, mistletoe is strung across doorways. Two people should kiss if they are caught underneath it. Although mistletoe existed before the Christmas season, it has long been connected to it.
Keep these plants out of pets’ reach because they may be poisonous to them!

Christmas Celebration Best Wishes for Your Loved one

01:Wishing you a happy holiday and thinking of you this season.
02: Toast to you, eggnog by the fire, and wonderful holiday memories.
03: I adore you more than the Christmas tree’s lights.
04: May you spend this holiday season with the people you care about, celebrating the dual beauties of giving and thankfulness.
05:Christmas joy can be seen in children’s eyes. We discover its essence in their hearts.
06: Everything that is lovely. whatsoever has significance. anything that makes you happy. I hope you have it this holiday season and in the upcoming year.
07: To a happy present and a fondly recalled past! We toast to you this Christmas and send our warmest greetings.
08: You always helped me to enjoy Christmas. I hope you may now sense my gratitude and affection for you. My best wishes and blessings are sent to you.
09: They say that your family is made up of your buddies. I’m overjoyed to be spending some time with my chosen family over the holidays.
10: Without you, Christmas wouldn’t exist! I’m so grateful to have you in my life every year.
11: Best wishes for a wonderful new year and a holiday full with joy and happiness.
12: Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you!
13: May the holiday season bring you and your family happiness, love, and laughter.

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