Is Chat GPT better than Google? 3 unknown fact about Chat GPT.

Chat GPT is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet and in the realm of technology. People are interested in learning more about it. It is also stated that it can compete on Google search. According to the information that have collected, you can ask whatever you want and it will answer the questions.


If you wanna know more about the chat GPT you could go ahead with this article for such details.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer). It is a form of chat bot invented by Open Artificial Intelligence. You may simply chat through the information obtained in the form of words and get answers to any sort of query you may have. If we take it as a form of search engine, there is no need to embellish.

It has only recently been released. As a result, it is now only available globally for usage in English. However, future plans call for the addition of more languages. Whatever query you ask by writing here, the solution is answered to you in detail using Chat GPT. It was released on November 30, 2022, and its official website is So far, the number of users has topped 2 million.

What is the Full form of Chat GPT?

Gpt chat ai Pre-Trained Chat Generative Transformer When you search for anything on Google, it returns various websites that are linked to that search term, whereas Chat GPT operates in a completely other manner. When you search for a question, Chat GPT displays the exact answer to that inquiry.

Chat GPT was founded in 2015 by a guy called Sam Altman in collaboration with Elon Musk. Although it began as a non-profit organisation, Elon Musk abandoned the initiative in the middle after 1 to 2 years.

However After it, Bill Gates’ Microsoft business spent heavily in it, and it was released as a prototype on November 30, 2022. According to Altman, Chief Executive Officer of Open Artificial Intelligence, it has so far reached more than 20 million users and the number is constantly growing.

How does Chat GPT works?

This website provides thorough information on how it operates. In reality, the creator trained it using publicly available data. This chat bot discovers answers to the questions you search for using the data that has been utilised and then answers correctly and in the proper language, displaying the result on your screen.You can also indicate if you are happy with the response provided by it. It also regularly updates its data based on any response you provide.

What is the features of Chat GPT?

• Deep learning is used in this technology to generate human-like prose that can reply to everything from stories to mathematical answers to theoretical dissertations.

• ChatGPT’s unique memory allows it to recall previous comments in a discussion and relay them to the user.

• Its intelligence can produce elaborate responses to historical arguments as well as poetry on any subject.

• ChatGPT, like its predecessor, InstructGPT, aims to eliminate damaging and deceptive comments from users.

• ChatGPT was designed with reinforcement learning from human input in mind.

• ChatGPT can advise you on how to throw a birthday party and how to prepare an essay. It aids in answering the logical problems.

• ChatGPT says the exact coding process like Java Script,CSS,HTML

Quick overview of Chat GPT

Name Chat GPT
Official website
Released 2022, 30th November
CEOSam Altman
Author Open AI

How to use Chat GPT?

We want to make you aware that in able to allocate it, you must first visit its official website and create an account. Only when you have created an account you’ll be able to use Chat GPT.

It is now available for free use, and accounts may be made on its official website for free as well. However, it is possible that in the future, consumers will be charged a standard fee for use it.

1: Open the browser,search and go to the website.

2: After visiting the website’s home page, it will see two options: login and sign up, amongst them you could select the sign up option because we are creating our account for the first time on this website.

3: You may sign up for an account there using your email address, Microsoft account, or Gmail address. To sign up for an account with your Gmail ID, select the Continue with Google option.

4:You will now see the Gmail ID that you use on your mobile/PC. Click on the name of the Gmail ID you wish to establish an account with.

5: Now input your name in the first box you see, followed by your phone number in the phone number section, and then click the Continue button.

6:A One Time Password will now be sent to the phone number you provided in Chat GPT. Insert it into the box that appears on the screen and press the Verify button.

7:Your Chat GPT account is registered when the phone number is verified. You may then begin utilising it.

Is Chat GPT better than Google?

Absolutely not. See firstly The ChatGPT is not intended to be superior to a search engine such as Google. It’s a machine-learning algorithm that’s been taught to create human-like prose by predicting the next word in a sequence based on the ones preceding it.

It may be used for summarising, producing draught content, blog postings, question answering, and other text-based jobs, but it is not designed to replace search engines like Google.

Chat GPT is currently more suited for conversational searches than Google. It is designed for natural language processing, which means it can better comprehend the context of words and offer more relevant replies.

Secondly, it is more efficient for accessing and repackaging information. It is also capable of understanding and replying to more complicated requests.

While Google is a search engine that allows users to find information on the Internet by entering keywords or phrases into a search field. It searches through billions of webpages using cutting-edge computer systems to deliver results that are relevant to the user’s query.

It is well-designed to assist users in rapidly and correctly finding particular information, whereas GPT is a tool that may be used to create text or conduct other language-based activities and is still in its early stages.

Both have distinct characteristics and are valuable in various ways; nonetheless, neither is intended to replace the other.

Both have distinct features and are valuable in various ways; nonetheless, they are not intended to replace search engines such as Google.

What are the benefits of Chat GPT?

It was recently released. As a result, everyone is eager to learn about the benefits of Chat GPT. Let us also present you with information regarding its advantages below so you can understand what the advantages of Chat GPT are.

The main benefit of this is that when someone searches anything on it, he receives a detailed and direct answer to their inquiry. That it!,They receive entire answers to the query.

When you search for anything on Google, many websites display following the search result, however this does not occur on Chat GPT. You are led immediately to the desired result.

Another fantastic facility has also been developed in this Chat GPT. That is, when you search anything and see a result, if you are not satisfied with it, you can also send its information to Chat GPT, and the result will be changed continually as a consequence.

Last one is You will not be charged a single rupee for utilising this service; in other words, you can use it for free.

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Q.Can ChatGPT replace Google?

Ans.No! It’s not work such search engine like Google.

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