Ed Sheeran claims his wife Cherry acquired a tumor while pregnant and he is aware of its causes. Check out his reaction

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran recently shared on Instagram that his wife Cherry was diagnosed with a tumour during her second pregnancy. He acknowledged that this news sent him “spiralling through fear, depression, and anxiety” because there was no way to treat the condition until after the baby was born. The information was released before to the debut of his next album Subtract.

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran,Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

“I had been working on Minus for a decade, attempting to create the ideal acoustic album, composing and recording hundreds of songs with a strong idea of what I felt it should be. Then, in the beginning of 2022, a series of things happened that altered my life, my mental health, and eventually how I regarded art and music, according to Ed Sheeran.

Calling “writing songs his therapy”, Ed Sheeran expressed that his wife’s tumour diagnosis left the family “spiralling through fear, depression and anxiety”. “Writing helps me make sense of my emotions. Within a month, my pregnant wife was diagnosed with a tumour, with no treatment options until after the birth. My best friend Jamal, who was like a brother to me, died unexpectedly, and I found myself in court defending my integrity and songwriter career.

I was experiencing fear, depression, and anxiety. I felt like I was drowning, head below the surface, looking up but unable to break through for air.”Jupiter, their second child, was born in May 2022.

Ed Sheeran added that an artist, it was his endeavour to be true to his work and he strived to put out what he was feeling in his writing. “I didn’t feel like I could credibly put work out there that didn’t accurately represent where I am and how I need to express myself at this point in my life,” he continued.

“This album is solely about that. It’s allowing access to my soul. For the first time, I’m not attempting to create an album that people will enjoy; instead, I’m simply releasing something that is honest and true to where I am in my adult life. This is my interpretation of last February’s diary entry. “This is Subtraction,”


To discover more about whether tumours can form during pregnancy and the best course of action for both the mother and the foetus, we spoke with professionals.

What are the main causes of tumors?

Most of the time, they don’t show any symptoms. “If they have side effects such degenerative changes in fibroids and torsions in ovarian tumours, they may induce abdominal pain. Malignant tumours, such as cervical cancer, can occasionally be detected during pregnancy.

Moreover, it may be detected during pregnancy in some uncommon cases of ovarian cancer. If the cancerous tumour is still in its early stages, the pregnant mother is permitted to birth her baby and the cancerous tumour is then treated right away. It is better to end the pregnancy and treat the cancer if it is advanced.

consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Fortis Hospital, multiple fibroids will shrink three months after delivery if they are not causing problems for the pregnancy.

One of the main causes continues to be the predisposing genetic factors, which are made worse by the hormonal changes during pregnancy. “When it comes to surgical treatment, sonography should be undertaken after three months and a decision should be made about medical intervention,” the statement reads. “ And today, thanks to increased technology, we may do operations that require very little incision.

Is tumor harmful during pregnancy?will tumor harm baby?

The tumour typically has no negative effects on the infant. “Although the tumour typically shrinks throughout pregnancy, fibroids occasionally grow at the same rate as the developing baby, which causes preterm delivery,”

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