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Jal Sakhi Yojana registration online. Get ₹6000 rupee directly to your bank account.

Jal Sakhi Yojana__The Uttar Pradesh government planned to begin the Jal Sakhi Yojana in 2019. However, it is currently scheduled to begin in 2022. Whose demise has been set for 2024. With its start, all water will be provided to people’s houses. Many others will benefit from this.
Because there are many such cities in UP with severe water shortages. The government is launching this initiative to address their concerns. If you want to apply for this, you must have completed your 10th and 12th grades. The administration will also take other key initiatives in this regard. Whose information will you obtain from this?

What is the purpose of lunching Jal Sakhi Yojana

The government is launching this initiative to ensure that adequate water is given to each household. The government will hire 20,000 women for this purpose. Those who would get a monthly payment of 6,000 rupees from the government. This programme will be fully implemented beginning in 2024.

As a result, the government is attempting to reach as many individuals as possible with information about this initiative. So that there is as much application as possible. Water will be available to everyone as soon as feasible. This initiative has been launched with this in mind.

Jal Sakhi Yojana

What are the benefits of Jal Sakhi Yojana

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has initiated this initiative. As a result, its residents can benefit from it.Water will profit the most from the implementation of this programme. Because water will enter every house after this.Women will benefit from this programme as well.

This will also help to lower the state’s unemployment rate.This plan will provide employment for around 20,000 women.Let us inform you that the recruiting will take place under the auspices of the State Rural Livelihood Mission.From the commencement of this arrangement, each home will receive only one connection.

Who can apply for this Jal Sakhi Yojana

You must be a native of Uttar Pradesh to apply for this plan since only they are eligible.
This plan is only open to women. As a result, the website has been launched.
You must keep in mind that you must complete the form of the Gram Panchayat in where you reside.

Jal Sakhi Yojana Highlight

Name of the YojanaJal Sakhi Yojana
When it was launched 2022
When it will prepared to apply 2024
Launched by Government of Uttar Pradesh
Qualification to apply 10th – 12th
Who can apply Women
Salary ₹6000
Helpline Number NA

Documents to apply Jal Sakhi Yojana

This system will need the use of an Aadhaar card. so that your data may be input.
You can also provide your PAN card details. This will safeguard your personal information.
Bank account details so that the government can reimburse you. They can be instantly put into their account.An income certificate is also required so that the government is aware of your annual earnings.

A picture the size of a passport is also necessary. So that if you are appointed, your photo can be used on your business card.The cellphone number must also be entered. So that you may continue to get updates about the programme.

You will also be required to produce a caste certificate. So that the government is also aware of it.You will also be required to provide your 10th and 12th grade mark sheets. So that information regarding your proper grades may be recorded.

Jal Sakhi Yojana Registration process

01-If you want to apply for this, you must first visit the official website.

02-When you visit the official website. The home page will be shown in front of you. On which you will find the scheme’s URL.

03-You must proceed by clicking on this link. Where you may get information on the plan.

04-As soon as you have all of the necessary information. After that, you must complete the form.

05-Keep in mind that the information should only be filled in where it is requested. Other than that, no one.Following that, you must submit the paperwork. That you must scan and apply.

06-You will have the opportunity to submit as soon as you attach the papers. You must submit the form by clicking on which.

Official Website for Jal Sakhi YojanaClick Here
Homepage Click Here
FAQs related to jal Sakhi Yojana

Q.Who can apply for Jal sakhi Yojana?

Ans:Women citizenship of Uttar Pradesh Can apply for this scheme

Q.What is the requirement to apply for Jal sakhi yojana?

Ans: 10th and 12th pass eligible for jal sakhi yojana

Q.Who launched Jal Sakhi Yojana?

Ans:Government of Uttar Pradesh

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