Pasta:3 things you should keep in mind while making pasta.Here are some tips for improving its health.


Pasta is the perfect comfort dish for many people since it can satisfy both their taste senses and their spirit. Others may find it to be a fast dish that just requires a short amount of time in the kitchen. No matter how much we enjoy eating pasta, we must admit that it may have harmful consequences on our health since maida, the all-purpose flour used to make pasta, is not thought to be healthy. Here, however, is the ideal way to make this popular Italian meal healthier.

The ideal serving size for pasta, according to the expert, is only 2 ounces. Nonetheless, we frequently consume about 9 ounces of pasta every day, which is an unhealthy habit. So here are 3 ways to make your pasta both nutritious and delicious.

Fill it with vegetables

Be sure you have a salad with your pasta, either steamed or sautéed with olive oil and herbs. This helps to satisfy appetite. “Since we typically overeat carbohydrates owing to their delightful flavour, balance your pasta portion with an equivalent quantity of veggies for nutrition.”

Avoid cheap pasta which made with refined flour, Take whole or millet-based pasta

The leaky gut condition brought on by refined flour, which is devoid of nutrients and difficult to digest, may be avoided by substituting healthier options like whole grain or millet-based pasta. Fibre and protein, two essential elements for weight reduction, are nearly entirely absent from this type of pasta. In order to satisfy your hunger and prevent weight gain, swap out your maida pasta for healthier options.



Never combine tomato sauce with white sauce to create pink sauce

Tomato, a high source of vitamin C and citric acid, is the primary ingredient in red sauce. White sauce, however, is formed of lactic acid-containing dairy products. When these two acids mix, they produce undigested metabolic waste that stays in the stomach and intestines for hours since the body cannot absorb nutrients from it or expel it. “Choose one sauce at a time, and savour it fully. And if you’re going to eat Italian food, do it the Italian way. Use enough of cold-pressed olive oil to lubricate your digestive track and transport food through it easily, keeping the pasta from resting in your stomach for long.

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