UPSC Wallah Website

UPSC Wallah Website_The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a pursuant to Article 315 of the Indian Constitution. He is responsible for administering the entrance exams for various positions and services in the Government of India. UPSC conducts exams for various public services such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police (IPS), Indian Field Service (IFS), Indian Tax Service (IRS) and many more.

UPSC Wallah Website
UPSC Wallah Website.UPSC Wallah Website,UPSC Wallah Website

The most prestigious exam administered by UPSC is the Civil Service Exam (CSE). The CSE is a three-stage selection process consisting of the entrance exam (pre-qualification), the main exam (major) and the personality test (interview).The entrance exam is – There is one exam based on multiple choice questions while the main exam is based on multiple choice questions. Knowledge and understanding of various subjects.

The civil service exam is highly competitive with hundreds of thousands of candidates applying for the exam each year. The exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the world due to its comprehensive syllabus and high level of competition. Only a small percentage of exam candidates are selected for the various public offices.

In addition to the Civil Service Exam, UPSC also administers various other exams such as: B. the Engineering Services Exam, the Joint Defense Services Exam, the National Defense Academy Exam and many more.

UPSC plays a key role in recruiting candidates for various positions and services in the Government of India. Ensures the selection process is fair, transparent and substantive. UPSC also helps maintain the integrity and credibility of the Indian public service.

What is the fees of UPSC Wallah?

PW revolutionises the ed-tech industry by providing organised study materials for UPSC exams and skilled instructors for instruction and training at the most competitive rates. Starting at Rs 8999, UPSC Wallah will provide a variety of courses for the 2023 and 2024 UPSC exams in Hindi, English, and Hinglish.

UPSC Wallah Website
UPSC Wallah Website,UPSC Wallah WebsiteUPSC Wallah WebsiteUPSC Wallah Website

What is UPSC Wallah?

In order to help candidates who desire to pass the Union Public Service Commission Test, Physics Wallah has created UPSC Wallah (UPSC). For applicants, Physics Wallah offers the top instructors, the largest EdTech platform in India, and high-quality instruction at a very reasonable cost.

Who is CEO of physics wallah?

Alakh Pandey, an educator from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, launched Physics Wallah Private Ltd, sometimes known as “Physics Wallah” or “PW,” in 2014 as a YouTube channel.

Is Alakh Pandey wife?

A week after being married, on March 2, PhysicsWallah CEO Alakh Pandey and his bride, journalist Shivani Dubey, visited with Minister of Education Dharmendra Pradhan. Pandey posted pictures from the meeting on social media, where they had a lengthy discussion on the education system in India.

Is UPSC Wallah good or bad?

They give you a personal tutor who is constantly available to answer your questions as part of their mentorship programme, which is actually quite useful. I can schedule my classes whenever I want because I’m a working professional… Also, their content is current, and they offer high-quality study materials.

How do I contact PW team?

Call 07019-243-492./07019243492

Is Alakh Pandey net worth?

Alakh Pandey’s net worth is estimated to be approximately Rs 96.8 crores, according to a recent report. Millions of students across the country follow the ed-tech platform. The PW, aka Alakh Pandey, has 9.17 million YouTube subscribers.

Alakh Pandey caste

Alakh Pandey belong to Brahmin family

Alakh Pandey brief overview

Full NameAlakh Pandey
Occupation/ProfessionYouTuber, Teacher
Famous For/Asas Physics Wallah (YouTuber)

Is PW good for UPSC?

Online UPSC Mock exams are reasonably priced thanks to Physics Wallah. These exams are made to concentrate on the main test paper. They will help you prepare for the UPSC exam. You will comprehend the format of the actual exam paper.

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