Viral video:An overweight tractor is being driven by the driver with the front wheels up.Click to watch

Viral video:Indians offer countless suggestions for unusual solutions. When ignoring the law and choosing practical approaches, safety occasionally gets the boot. In a popular video, a driver is seen guiding a tractor heavy with what seems to be sugarcane down a curving route.

viral video
edited:indian express

Viral video

Entrepreneur Harsh Goenka posted the viral video on Twitter with the caption “Scenes…only in India!!”
In the video, a tractor can be seen navigating a road curve. The front wheels are visible elevated up when the car approaches the camera because of the weight of the sugarcane. While struggling to seat on the tractor, the driver controls the vehicle by turning the steering and using the brakes.

When they see the tractor, passengers in neighbouring cars appear surprised, and an SUV driver is spotted from the front recording the scene. The tractor is given greater room by other vehicles that are coming from the opposite side by moving to the opposite side.

Internet users responded differently to the video. “Haha the driver is too nasty,” a user observed. Should be outlawed, wrote a different user. a serious safety risk. Instead of just using speed guns for cars, highway enforcement should generally concentrate on large vehicles and lane discipline. “Very hazardous,” remarked a third user.

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