Why you should not neglect vaginal health?

Vaginal health_Why don’t we discuss the health of our private areas if we deliver a kid through the vagina?While the value of maintaining your skin, fitness, and general well-being is frequently discussed, a woman’s vaginal health receives insufficient attention. Your vagina may develop into an infection-breeding area if it is not properly cared for.

Vaginal health. PHOTO CREDIT-iSTOCK

Vaginal health

Every one of us should always put our vaginal health first. How to keep a healthy vagina and prevent infections and itching, maintain vaginal pH balance, why using an intimate wash is necessary, how to use it properly, what are the procedures, etc. This article will provide all the information you need to know about maintaining proper intimate hygiene, so read on!

Although while many women are aware of how crucial it is to pay attention to their vaginal health, they frequently avoid discussing it.Many people hesitate to discuss an issue they are having in their personal region. You then experience greater issues and pain.

Many hesitate to open up and discuss intimate topics because of the stigma associated with it. It is avoided or concealed by people. And yet, why not? Why don’t we discuss our intimate area health if we deliver a baby through the vagina? Why is it viewed as being so taboo?

The cleanliness of your private areas is crucial.We should first understand what intimate hygiene is and why it is crucial before moving on to the remedy. As a result of its fragility, our intimate area naturally supports some germs. Lactobacilli are the name of the beneficial bacteria. Between pH balance 3.5 and 4.5, these beneficial bacteria can survive.

Our intimate areas are protected against bacteria by the lactic acid produced by these bacteria. But what happens if the pH equilibrium is upset? It becomes affected by hormonal changes after childbirth, menstruation, and heavy perspiration. Itching, irritability, dryness, and even infections result from this.

Most women wash their intimate areas with water and soap, but because soap has a high pH, it upsets the pH balance of the sensitive vaginal area. “RCOG recommends using lactic acid-containing products,”

Avoid using deodorants, polyester underwear, and alcohol-based cleansers to preserve general vaginal cleanliness. Vaginal difficulties can affect fertility, the desire for sex, and the ability to experience orgasm. I advise constantly keeping it clean and clear of hair to prevent the chance of the bacteria multiplying. Stress, marital issues, and a lack of confidence can result from ongoing vaginal health issues, according to research.

if you suffer any of the following symptoms, you should consult with your doctor

  • A change in the vaginal discharge’s colour, smell, or volume.
  • Redness or itching in the vaginal region.
  • bleeding from the vagina during a period, after a sexual encounter, or after menopause.
  • a growth or bump in the vaginal area.
  • discomfort during a sexual act.

The lactobacillus species, which breaks down tissue glycogen to create hydrogen peroxide, keeps the vagina’s acidic pH level of roughly 4.5, which makes it effectively a self-cleaning organ. Opportunistic infections are prevented by this pH. The Lactobacillus needs to be readministered as probiotics and lactic acid wash in cases of antibiotic use and alkaline pH caused by excessive soap use. As a result, you can take care to maintain your general and vaginal health.

Women’s general health and wellness may suffer significantly if vaginal health is neglected. The hazards linked to poor vaginal health cannot be disregarded, from infections and pain to problems during pregnancy and cancer. Women should put their vaginal health first by visiting the doctor frequently, maintaining good hygiene, and using safe sexual practises.

Women can improve their quality of life and overall health outcomes by taking actions to maintain their vaginal health and preventing and identifying problems early. In order to encourage women to seek medical care when necessary, it is crucial to raise their awareness of the value of vaginal health.

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