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Best 6 unsexy fact that Women Want In Bed

6 unsexy fact that Women Want In Bed:What women seek in a romantic relationship? It is a terrific conversation topic in your relationship and it gives useful information for men who wish to better understand their spouses.

It can also assist women in clarifying and expressing their emotions, even if they had previously been unable to speak or communicate to their husbands why they are misunderstood or dissatisfied.

6 unsexy fact that Women Want In Bed

01-Understand Your Partner

Some women are too shy to bring it up, but they truly want a man who is in charge in bed.

“Most women who feel like they are the CEO of their house do not also want to be the CEO of the bedroom. (Of course, if your lady is more dominant in bed, you’ll know since she’ll act that way by definition.)

Dominance may range from a man who communicates his desire explicitly (women like men who are forthright about how much they desire them) to full-fledged BDSM-style domineering conduct.” (My general guideline for male customers is to keep raising the degree at which you behave domineering in bed until there is a complaint. This is frequently far more intense than the male could have thought his wife would appreciate.)

Society has taught women not to question their male partners’ sexual tactics, and that women who love being controlled consensually in the bedroom are traitors to the feminist cause (and of course, the irony is that not being able to express your opinions in bed is much closer to being anti-feminism than getting tied up because you like it).

This can lead to many men claiming that their wives would not be interested in even mildly rough sex play, only to find out that their wife are not only interested, but also quite enthusiastic, and are grateful that it was introduced without their having to begin a request for it. Of course, if a lady is opposed to this notion, she should abandon it. The importance of consent and mutual happiness of your sex life cannot be overstated.

02-Have sex at Morning or Afternoon

By the end of the day, many women are so weary that sex is the last thing on their thoughts. In fact, because their testosterone levels are at their lowest during the day, many women feel repelled by sex at this time. For both men and women, testosterone surges in the morning, making it a perfect time for sex.

If a mom is concerned about her children coming in the morning, instal and use a door lock, and begin training your children early so that when the door is closed or locked, Mom and Dad are busy or want to spend time alone, and give them a concrete alternative for what to do, such as go downstairs and watch TV until we come down to you.

For women who are too weary at night, afternoon sex is another excellent choice. If you have a flexible schedule and can both work from home, this is a fantastic way to be near without being sabotaged by weariness or child interruptions. If you’re worried about the light, close the curtains, wear lingerie, and/or know that most men are so taken with a nude woman that it doesn’t occur to them to list your apparent physical imperfections.

03-Massage(6 unsexy fact that Women Want In Bed)

When most women are worried, they cannot have sex, although males commonly have sex to feel less stressed.

Most ladies find that rubbing their backs or feet helps them relax. This will only work if the male is skilled at delivering massages and can do it for more than 10 minutes. (If a man is so skilled at this that it puts his wife to sleep, she is typically in a good mood the next morning because she is grateful to him for being physically generous with her.)

Many women avoid getting massages because their spouse complains about it, and they equate massages with a 5-minute perfunctory back rub that leads to a sexual desire. The irony is that many women will initiate sex after a fantastic massage, but the male will never know because they quit after 5 minutes and their wife is so upset that she just shuts off to him totally.

Use massage oil or lotion to keep your hands from hurting and to make it more comfortable for your wife. If you use lotion, she may give you more massages because it is easier on her hands.

04-More Talking or Less Talking

Many women are turned on by chatting in bed, but their husband believes they are not because they are not expressing the things that make their wife on. Also, some women enjoy chatting during foreplay but find it distracting while they are nearing climax.

You can ask your wife what she loves, but this is unlikely to go you very far. A better approach would be to invite her to locate an erotic narrative that excites her and share it with you. If your wife is extremely vocal, bright, and enjoys reading and chatting, it is possible that any form of discussion in bed might stimulate her and improve her experience.

In general, as with everything in bed, women grow less inhibited as they become more aroused, thus the same woman who is horrified by you saying anything sexual in the kitchen while she is making dinner may be responsive to the same statement after 20 minutes of foreplay.

On the other hand, many women require a detailed dream, or at least a montage of sensual pictures, in their brains in order to be aroused or orgasmic, and talking disturbs and irritates this slideshow in their thoughts.

05-More extensive and improved sexual approaches

Again, society has sadly taught most women not to criticise males. If you are a man who has just fallen out of your chair from laughter, please understand that I am no fool. I know your wife constantly criticises you about your parenting and housework, but for some reason, the same women who will outright tell their husbands that they are crap at parenting will not ask these same men to touch them differently in bed.

Many women find this extremely awkward and are afraid of offending the male. As a result, many women have very specific things they desire more of, less of, or dislike (including how the male kisses! ), but the man is not provided this crucial input, and the woman instead gets increasingly frustrated and, finally, completely disengaged during sex.

If you are a male, regardless of whether you have been with your girlfriend for 20 days or 20 years, ask her to show you how to give her an orgasm, how to touch her body during foreplay, and how to kiss her. If you ask her what you’re doing wrong, she’ll tell you, “Nothing.” If you tell her, “Show me what to do,” with openness, real inquiry, and sexual desire, many women will offer you the Rosetta Stone to unlock them.

Along the same lines, many women get bored to tears when they see a man performing the same things to make them orgasm that he has been doing for ten years since he discovered how to satisfy her. Try new things, touch other regions of your body, or ask her to do new things for you.

If you focus on her, are confident in your proposals or efforts at new activities, and make her feel good physically and emotionally, your wife may be more open to new ideas and activities than you think.

06-Take Sex as an escape from everyday life

Most married women between the ages of 30 and 60 report feeling stressed out.

Sex may be an escape from the mundane and frustrating aspects of life, and your bedroom can provide a getaway from everything that makes your wife miserable or frustrated. This requires a lot of emotional foreplay during the day, which continues during the first few minutes (at the very least) when you are in bed together in the evening. You must create good connections with yourself, sex, and your bedroom in general if you want your wife to see you and sex with you as an escape from life.

A smart first step is to make it a rule that no phones are allowed in bed, or if you can’t get there right away, no phones after a particular hour.

You must look at her with love and speak to her with affection. During the day, you may email or text her nice and sweet things, and once you’ve established that you have fun and loving back-and-forth everyday conversation, you can put in sexual stuff.

If you focus on making your wife feel loved and secure, and you openly discuss the idea of your bedroom as a haven and respite from stress, which is for both sexual and emotional connection, you may be surprised at how receptive she is to this idea, because most women yearn for nothing more than relief from the constant demands of life.

If you’re a woman and any of the topics in this essay connect with you, use it to start a sex talk with your intimate partner.

Most men like learning about what they want in bed; typically, men who appear entirely uninterested in their wives’ ideas and feelings in other areas are intensely and openly interested in their wives’ sexual needs.

If you’re a male reading this, email it to your wife and ask her to tell you which of the numbered points apply to her. (That’s why I numbered the points, so that even shy individuals could respond easily.) If she responds with numbers, a happy face, or even an eye-rolling look, follow up later in bed and ask if any of it pertains to her.

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