New study have found that morning exercise helps to burn more fat.Check out now - The News Vivo

New study have found that morning exercise helps to burn more fat.Check out now

morning exercise
morning exercise,morning exercise

Starting the day with morning exercises has been shown to have numerous physical and mental health benefits. One of the main benefits is that it helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Being physically active early in the morning can boost your metabolism and encourage your body to burn more calories, which can ultimately lead to weight loss and a healthier body composition. morning exercise can provide a natural boost of energy that can help you feel more alert and focused throughout the day. In this way, morning exercises can set the tone for a productive and healthy day.

Whether you prefer a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a high-intensity workout, incorporating morning exercises into your routine can help you burn more calories and start your day off on the right foot.In this article we will explore the detailed

When you workout during the day will determine how much fat you burn. In light of this, a new research from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and The University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that a late morning exercises increases your chances of burning fat and speeding up metabolism more than a late evening workout. It demonstrates that mice that exercised during an early active phase, which corresponds to a morning exercises in people, had higher metabolisms than mice who exercised during a period when they typically rest, which is the equivalent of a more restful evening in humans. The PNAS journal has published the findings.


Although mice and humans share many fundamental physiological processes and metabolic processes, the study is a good indicator. The scientists examined numerous indicators for fat metabolism and determined which genes were turned on in post-exercise adipose tissue. They discovered that exercise at an early stage of activity enhanced the expression of genes related to adipose tissue breakdown, thermogenesis (the process of producing heat), and mitochondria in the adipose tissue, indicating a faster metabolic rate. Only mice who exercised during the early active period and independently of food intake showed these benefits.

According to Professor Juleen R. Zierath of the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery and the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Karolinska Institutet, “Our results point to the possibility that exercise in the late morning may be more beneficial than exercise in the late evening for increasing metabolism and fat burning. This discovery supports prior work from the University of Surrey that discovered fat cells had circadian cycles, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Dr. Jayasshree Todkar, a bariatric and metabolic surgeon, claims that exercise and other forms of organised physical activity have a significant influence on muscle mass growth and metabolism, which play a significant part in regulating obesity and metabolic illnesses like diabetes. Timing is important since you have the most energy early in the day after a full night of rest. The outcomes won’t be as favourable if you train out with a worn-out or weary body, especially after a long day of work without enough rest, water, or a healthy diet, claims Dr. Todkar.

Morning exercises are always preferable in India due to favourable weather, traffic, and pollution circumstances. “That’s why I urge my athletes to work out as much as they can in the morning,” says Atul Godbole, a Pune-based endurance athlete who has completed 25 full marathons and over 50 half marathons. “Morning exercise at a modest effort level what is commonly referred to as Zone 2 does definitely enhance fat-burning in athletes,” he continues.

“What has to be researched is whether fat burning happens as a result of training at the appropriate effort level or because workouts are done early in the morning,” adds Godbole. Even the researchers acknowledged that mice are nocturnal, and that further study and human trials are needed to get more trustworthy findings.Physiotherapist Dr. Tariq Shaikh advises beginning at any hour of the day.

The human body is an intelligent machine that will automatically direct a person to the right amount of exercise at the right time for their health. One should exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on average each day and unwind with easy and restorative activities like yoga. He recommends adding a range of exercises including walking, swimming, cycling, and playing any sport of one’s choosing, including football and badminton.


Is it better to exercise in the morning or evening for weight loss?

Answer: Both morning and evening exercise can be effective for weight loss, but morning exercise may be more effective for burning more calories throughout the day.

How long should a morning exercises be?

Answer: The duration of a morning workout depends on your fitness level and goals. Beginners can start with a 10-15 minute workout and gradually increase the duration and intensity as they become more comfortable.

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