Skin care:Combining these 2 products might impact your skin more sensitive to harm. Read detailed Here - The News Vivo

Skin care:Combining these 2 products might impact your skin more sensitive to harm. Read detailed Here

Skin care_Many individuals concentrate on fitness and food when it comes to keeping a healthy and young appearance, but frequently ignore the significance of a good skincare routine. The primary organ in the body, the skin, is regularly exposed to outside elements including pollution, UV radiation, and harsh weather,, which can have an adverse effect on both its health and beauty.

Skin care
Skin care,Skin care

Your skin may be protected and nourished by following a regular skin care regimen, helping it to stay smooth and appear healthy. With today’s self-care culture, more and more individuals are realising the advantages of having a decent skin care regimen and adopting it into their everyday life. Finding the appropriate products and practises may greatly improve the appearance of your skin, regardless of whether you have dry, oily, or mixed skin.

Your skin should feel young, healthy, and refreshed if you adhere to a tight skin care regimen, consume a good diet, get enough sleep, and regularly apply sunscreen. If that’s not the case, though, you might want to reconsider the goods you now use. This is due to the possibility that you are committing one of the most typical mistakes by mixing foundation with sunscreen before applying it to your face. Your skin would be “more prone to UV damage” as a result of this combination.

Mixing SPF and foundation

Dermatologists say that combining the two items will lessen the sunscreen’s effectiveness by diminishing the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in the sunscreen. “As a result, sun protection is drastically reduced. To provide an example, combining sunscreen with makeup will reduce its SPF rating from 40 to 20 or even lower, according to Dr. Chowdary.

Also, using sunscreen with other cosmetics might “denature the composition of the original product” since oils and emulsifiers in your makeup would prevent the sunscreen from doing its job of protecting you. Patches and gaps in your skin will be left exposed as a result. You’ll walk outside in the sun thinking your skin is protected, but the reality will be quite different.

What happens when you are using any skin care products, SPF and makeup simultaneously?

It might be quite alluring to use cosmetics that has SPF since it is practical. But, studies have shown that you should apply at least 2 mg/cm2—or two finger lengths—of sunscreen to your face.

“While cosmetics made with SPF offers some amount of protection, you would need to wear at least five times as much makeup as you typically would in order to adequately cover the face’s exposed skin. Moreover, the SPF in cosmetics is lower than it is in regular sunscreen. Yet once more, the product’s additional substances might jeopardise this efficacy.

So, how should you apply sunscreen while wearing makeup?

Although sunscreen is important for your face, giving up your foundation, moisturisers, and other skin care products is impractical. How do you deal with this kind of situation?

It is critical to stack your items rather than combining them. Start with a sunscreen since it must be applied straight to clean skin for best protection.

Use an appropriate amount of sunscreen to protect yourself.After that, apply cosmetics such as foundation, moisturisers, and so on.In this method, your skin will prevent UV rays from penetrating and will give broad spectrum protection. We recommend waiting at least a few minutes between layers before applying the next.

How can sunscreen be reapplied while wearing makeup?

According to dermatologists, depending on your sun exposure, you should reapply sunscreen every two to three hours. Some people were exposed to the sun for longer than others. Every two hours or so, they need to use sunscreen.

Yet, some people find it difficult to reapply sunscreen when wearing makeup. As a result, they can utilise sunscreens with powder or spray bases. The specialist advised following it up with compact powder to settle it.

It is not advised to combine foundation and sunscreen. “Instead, you may apply correct layering of the products and guarantee that each product can act individually on your face,” says the expert. In the end, healthy skin has a superior appearance, and this can only be attained if your skin is shielded from the sun. Do not forget to apply sunscreen before to foundation and wait a few minutes in between each application.

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