Nikki Yadav murder case:Sahil Gehlot wiped data from both of their phones hours after murdering Nikki, Says Delhi Police

Nikki Yadav murder case_According to the Delhi Police, during interrogation, Sahil Gehlot revealed that Nikki Yadav wanted to marry him, but his family had planned for him to marry someone else. As a result, the live-in couple argued.

Nikki Yadav murder case
Nikki Yadav murder case,Nikki Yadav murder case,Nikki Yadav murder case

Nikki Yadav murder case

According to the Delhi Police, hours after reportedly murdering his live-in partner Nikki Yadav and placing her body in a refrigerator, accused Sahil Gehlot snatched her phone and wiped all the data on it. According to the investigation into Nikki’s slaying, Gehlot deleted all the data from both his and her phones and concealed her phone for days before being apprehended by authorities.

The pair was arguing over Gehlot’s wedding, which was scheduled on February 10, when he reportedly murdered her with a data wire early that day and transported her body to his hamlet, Mitraon. According to authorities, he then placed the body inside a fridge at his family’s dhaba. Three days later, he was apprehended after a covert informer notified authorities about the murder.

The accused admitted during interrogation, according to Ravindra Singh Yadav, special commissioner of police (crime), that Nikki wanted to marry him but that his family had prearranged his marriage to someone else. After she learned of this, he reportedly took her to Kashmere Gate, strangled her inside his car, drove for two to three hours, then dumped her corpse in a refrigerator.

Two phones that were in his possession were found by us. He managed to wipe all the data from both phones after the murder, preventing us from checking conversations, photographs, and call detail records. He’s attempting to keep their calls and communications private. To retrieve the phone’s data, we will send it to a forensic lab, according to a police source.

In order to determine the timeline and gather further information, Gehlot has been placed in a five-day police detention.

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