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World is Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day,Mother of Computer

World is Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, this is an international celebration of STEM. We observe on the second Tuesday in October every year. Her contribution to STEM is immeasurable.

Ada lovelace

Who is Ada Lovelace?

When Ada Lovelace born She expected to be a ‘Sublime boy’.But Her mother Lady Byron gave birth to a girl. She named as Ada Byron. Only some weeks after was born her Father left her and her mother as well. But a very inappropriate thing that happened She did not have a close relationship with her mother. Somehow Lady Byron hired a Tutor to teach her daughter about Maths, Science, Medical practice, Societal Structure and Astronomy. She was often left in the care of her Maternal Grandmother. Hence she became “loveless”

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Ada Lovelace” while studies she was very incredibly interested to know new things. And She was also doing well in every subject. And Later she was considered as the First Computer Programmer and best known as the Mother of Computer in mid 1800s. Lovelace was also a pioneer in English Mathematics and Writing.

Why it Celebrated?

Ada Lovelace Day is an international celebration.We remind in the memory of Ada Lovelace for a bravest and intelligent woman in science,Mathematics,Engineering,and Technology.Having a Struggle Life achievement is very crucial to get. But she achieved much more than that we can do. She is a very great example whom people would remember.

As well as celebrating women in STEM. The Special purpose to encourage more women and girls to build their career and to study in STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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