Why Rasmika Mandanna became National Crush?

Why Rasmika Mandanna became National Crush? To know more read the article below.

Courtesy:Rashmika Mandanna/Tweeter

Rasmika Mandanna is an Indian Actress who acts primarily in Telegu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi. Especially She appears in Tamil Movies. Rasmika Mandanna also known as National Crush Because her popularity is becoming famous. Her recent films Goodbye is ready to be release on Friday. Rasmika was born on 1996 and Studied for a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Journalism and English Literature at the M.S Ramaiah Collage of Arts, Science and Commerce in Bangalore. Her most well known films Geeta Govindam, Chalo, World Famous Lover, Pogaru, Sultan, Dear Comrade, Pushpa The Rise. She brings various type of awards for Dada Saheb Phalka Awards 2022, Best Actress Critics awards 2019, Filmfare Award Telugu in 2019

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